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    Providing high quality research to the public policy community

  • What We Do

    The staff at Green Heron Research Services specializes in providing high quality cost-effective results on research projects with short turn-around times.  We serve policy and government relations professionals, advocacy groups, political candidates and others interested in the public policy area.


    We save you time by making sense of the wealth of information put out by government agencies, political think tanks, advocacy groups, non-profit groups and others. This allows you to focus on influencing the political process, confident you have high quality research to support your work.

  • Who We Are

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    Matthew Von Hendy, MLS is owner and principal of Green Heron Research Services. He is an accomplished research librarian with more than 20 years of professional experience working in a variety of government and technical libraries. He has worked at the EPA, NASA and the National Academies of Sciences where his work was cited in 10 different National Academies reports. He is also recognized as an expert in locating government and grey literature (non-academic) information.


    Von Hendy earned his Masters of Library Science from the University of Kentucky and his Masters of American History from the University of New Hampshire. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Oberlin College.

  • What Clients Say

    Matt is an outstanding researcher with a tremendous talent for locating just the right information. He listens to the customer’s needs closely and is creative in the resources he leverages to meet those needs. He always asks for feedback and is willing to revise or refine his research work based on that feedback. Matt’s work is timely and thorough every time!”

    -Stem policy researcher at a national science nonprofit

    Green Heron is a great resource for anyone who has limited access / time for doing literature searches or finding information more generally. They helped me with 3 fast-turnaround projects, and were extremely responsive, flexible, fast, and willing to tweak their searches based on my evolving specifications. I highly recommend them.​

    -Senior research scientist at a statewide science nonprofit

  • Services

    Our clients are usually:

    • Public policy and government relations professionals
    • Staff from advocacy groups
    • Political candidates
    • Others who need evidence to support their work

    Clients contact Green Heron because they:

    • Have tight deadlines ranging from a few hours to a week 
    • Need cost-effective solutions to meet their research needs
    • Want to be confident they are getting high quality research

    Our clients usually ask us to:

    • Summarize key points from a vast number of sources
    • Compile evidence to support their message
    • Find information that's hard to locate
    • Organize information into categories or topics

    See past projects for examples



    A note about services we do not provide...

    Sometimes people equate public policy research with political research. While there is some overlap, we do not offer services in the areas of voter identification/profiling, focus groups or opposition research.


    For those types of services we recommend contacting any of these consulting companies, all of which have the capacity to work in those areas:

  • Past Projects

    These project summaries will give you a sense of the types of work we can do.

    A national non-profit organization had organized a breakfast meeting event to be held near the Capitol. They wanted to invite congressional staffers who worked on any committee that dealt with healthcare. Within a week, Green Heron compiled a spreadsheet containing the names, email addresses...
    A government relations professional found on a Friday that they were going to be meeting with a client the following week who was interested in the development of ‘green’ certification standards for laundromats. They needed to find out which organizations were active in this area, what standards...
    An executive director of an advocacy group was given short notice to prepare for appearing before a government committee to urge continued funding for Medicaid. Her organization also wanted to prepare a press release which demonstrated that there was bipartisan support for this issue. Staff were...
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    Inquire about our services. We aim to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

    Rockville, MD
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